National Centre for Domestic Violence (NCDV) Free Training

Sent on behalf of Julia Gatie, National Centre for Domestic Violence:

My names Julia, I’m one of the Training Manager’s covering the North of England for the National Centre for Domestic Violence. I’m contacting to see if you or your team would like a free training session on the civil orders we are able to obtain for those suffering domestic abuse and have provided some information on our organisation and the training we offer below.

NCDV is a Community Interest Company that provides free fast legal support to those suffering domestic abuse who require a protective order. The service is available to everybody, irrespective of financial circumstances, sexual orientation, race or gender. We specialise in three types of civil domestic violence injunctions; Non-Molestation Orders, Occupation Orders and Prohibited Steps Orders. 

The training takes 45 mins to an hour to deliver and requires a minimum of 10 people to attend.  It covers the definition of domestic abuse, key themes of the Domestic Abuse Act 2021, the orders we can obtain and their criteria/eligibility, the benefits of the orders available, the court process, how the order is served and the many ways how you can refer someone (with their consent) to NCDV.

If you would like a free training session for your team simply get in touch and we will get something arranged.  I can provide an input remotely via Zoom and Teams.

If there are under 10 members of staff in your team please feel free to join up with another organisation you work alongside; alternatively we provide remote multi-agency sessions if only a few members of staff would like to receive the input these can be accessed here

For more information about our service visit our website