More charities adopt Governance Code

From UK Fundraising

Adoption of the Charity Governance Code rose by over 10% in 2020 when compared to 2019, taking the adoption rate to 55% of charities surveyed by audit, tax and consulting firm RSM.

RSM analysed 85 charities with incomes of over £5m to determine whether they were demonstrating behaviours and evidence of compliance with the Governance Code.
Over half (55%) of charities had adopted the Governance Code in 2020 when compared to 44% in 2019. In addition, the number of charities reporting on diversity, equality or inclusivity increased by over 10% from 22% to 36% now publishing formal diversity statements.

Medical and healthcare charities achieved the highest adoption rate at 69%, with housing and financial support and general charities at 67% overtaking animal and environment charities (58%) and overseas aid charities (58%) when compared to 2019; while sporting and education and training charities were at a lower 33% and 27% respectively.

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