Modern slavery and human trafficking within your team and within your organisation

Update from NEL Community Safety Partnership:

We are revising and updating our problem profile relating to modern slavery and human trafficking.

A problem profile is created to provide detail on crime trends or hot spots that require greater analysis than can be provided in the tactical assessment,  provide a vehicle for the application of one or more analytical techniques to a problem and assist in subject identification and selection (suspects or victims)

To ensure that it isn’t just a police document and reflects the work done across all the partners we require some input from you please.

We would like to know about modern slavery and human trafficking within your team and within your organisation. 

For example,

What awareness is there in your team and your wider organisation? Do the others within the forum know what modern slavery is?

What level of  awareness is there with partner organisations that you work with?

Do you have a modern slavery champion in your team or know of one in your organisation?

What would you do if you had a query or concern relating to someone you though was being exploited?

Do you share concerns with partners?

If you are able to feedback what information you have, feel free to forward the email to others within your organisation or those you work with.

Please contact me with any queries or questions.



Victoria Henley, Community Safety Officer, NEL Community Safety Partnership  
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