Mindfulness and stress-relief services

From David Stapleton at Chill Instructor:

I currently teach mindfulness, meditation, and tension-relief techniques to adults. This is to help with the symptoms of stress, anxiety, overwhelm, and to help people with self-development and enjoying a better quality of life. These sometimes include gentle exercises (based on Qi-Gong).

Here’s the breakdown of what I do:

· Mindfulness Course

Conducted over 8 weeks (or a shorter 5 week course) generally 2 hours per session, individually or in groups of up to 10. This takes the student/client through a range of techniques and concepts which empower them to take more control of their reactions to stress and anxiety. It can include homework for the students between sessions, and personalised guided meditations that I create for them.

· 1-1 session (60-90m mins)

This is a fully personalised session with the individual, which will include elements of mindfulness, QiGong and breathing exercises, depending on the needs presented.

· Weekly classes (45mins), or regular workshops (2-2.5 hours)

I can also provide regular classes and workshops  based around different guided relaxation and breathing exercises. This is suitable for groups.

These are current examples of my services, but I always try to customise according to client and programme needs. All interventions are suitable for fully online interaction. My home studio in Little London is set up for Zoom sessions, but I’m happy to use any other video conference/call setup that’s better for you when interacting with clients.