Me-Learning Programme

From Equality Practice:

The Me-Learning Programme is aimed at women between 18 and 65.  We have been delivering it for 5.5 years, with an average of 2-3 programmes a year.  It is a funded programme and costs £20,000 to deliver for up to 15 women.  We have had over 120 women take this programme, the last of which finished in July.  Women begin the programme lacking confidence, somewhat anxious and often not knowing what they want to do or what their next steps are.  We have around 75% success rate in getting women to move on to work/education/training/volunteer work.  The last programme alone saw four women get jobs, three go for interviews, one is now being mentored on setting up her own business, three tried out a market stall and two have gone into training.  Here is a clip, which you can share, showing what women say about the programme:

The next programme runs from 13/9-14/12/21.  We run it mainly two mornings per week, (Mon & Tues), 9.30-12noon.   We take a break during half term.  The location is Freeman Street Market Hub, where we can practice COVID safety precautions.  There are five tutors and between us we have, in addition to extensive facilitation/training experience, qualifications in First Aid, Prevent, Adult Safeguarding, Equality, Diversity and Inclusion, as well as having a Mental Health Nurse as one of the tutors.

Eligibility – this is required by funders

Women between 18-65 who are unemployed, British Citizens or who have a right to work in the UK.

We have to see proof of this and will request certain documents from the candidates.

Recruitment Process

We use a three-step process as we want to ensure women are committed to taking the programme.  Once we’ve assigned a place, we cannot easily bring in someone else unless it is within the first 2 weeks of the programme.  As this is a relatively long process and we usually aim at registering 18, (to allow for drop out), we begin this process now.

1.  Referral from work coach or self-referral, (this can be done by contacting my email address, stating the name of the person and telephone number.  (Obviously, they have to agree to give their details to us), or the individual can contact me directly.

2.  Telephone call.  We call the candidate, explain the programme and take a few details.  Then we invite them to a 1:2:1 face to face interview.

3.  Interview:  If they turn up and they seem committed, we fill in the funder’s registration forms.  Prior to the course, we send out reminders by text.

Participants do not need to bring anything.  We provide all stationary and materials, plus visors, masks and sanitizer etc.

Attached is a leaflet and the short advertising clip we use on social media.  For your information, we have 2 Facebook Sites, the second is particularly aimed at women.

Our twitter hashtag is:  @equal4all_info

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact me.

Kind regards,


Tracy Todd


The Equality Practice

Mobile:  07523 960723