Magpie: Covid Explained Campaign

Sent and written on behalf of Magpie:

A new campaign that we are very proud to have been working on has officially launched last week called ‘Covid Explained’ – please feel free to check out our website and take a look at:

It makes information about COVID-19 easier to find and understand and is currently translated into 12 languages with the aim to reach the communities who need it, who before now may not have been able to access this kind of information & guidance so easily. 

It covers the whole of Yorkshire and Humber and focuses on facts, guidelines, and real people’s stories with simple, easy to read advice. 

We’re looking for individuals, community and voluntary organisations who would be happy to let others know about this helpful resource within their community connections, to help share this positive campaign to get people through this winter as safely as possible. (We have the website, plus physical materials coming soon, as well as Supporter social media packs & handy digital resources too) – would this be of interest or helpful to you and your teams?

We’re hosting a virtual event to offer an opportunity to find out more about the campaign and see how the resources could help too.

We would be really pleased if you are free on either date and would like to join us? 

The events will be approx 30-60mins on:

Mon 13th December 1pm

Or Tues 14th December 10am

Plus, if you know of any other local contacts or community organisation leads who may find this campaign of interest within their own amazing and well-needed outreach work that they do – please do feel free to let them know about it, we welcome everyone to be part of ‘covid explained.’

If you’d like to join us just let me know which date suits best, and I’ll pencil you in and then send you the details ahead of the event next week.


Community Engagement

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