Loyal to Local

Sent on behalf of our parent company E-Factor

North East Lincolnshire Council have joined forces with E-Factor and now the Investment Hub NEL to support our local economy to survive and thrive through a brand new Loyal to Local NEL campaign which is running across Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.

We are welcoming all types of businesses to get involved and thank those who have contributed to the campaign already; please feel free to continue to do so. Our main aim is to encourage local spend and supply, and we will be highlighting new services, collaborations, launches, diversification, innovation and other exciting offers and stories. With plans for weekly themes and industry spotlights, we really hope that you will get behind this campaign and help to spread the Loyal to Local NEL message with us by tagging and sharing @LoyaltoLocalNEL and letting people know about your trusted local suppliers, services and shopping recommendations.

We are also offering incentives for businesses and consumers to interact with the campaign and help us to reach wider audiences. Followers will be able to win monthly shopping vouchers to spend locally with participating businesses so we are asking if you would be happy to display a window poster [please see attached which can be printed] and/or stickers to show that you are involved in the scheme so that people can spend their vouchers with you!

If you would like us to deliver branded stickers or posters to your workplace, please feel free to drop us a line. We hope you will get involved and support the campaign.

Thank you for your time and please remember to stay @LoyaltoLocalNEL #whereyourspendmatters and follow us on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram to stay updated.

To find out more, take a look at the recent press article: