Louise Sparks: A Digital Future- The Status of UK Fundraising 2021

From Civil Society News:

Digitally mature organisations are the most successful. We’ve seen this coming for a while, and we’ve heard the phrase ‘digital transformation’ spoken across the social good community for a number of years. And now in our latest research at Blackbaud Europe we have found a clear link between the success of a non-profit and the level of digital maturity that organisation has.

The Status of UK Fundraising Benchmark Report 2021, released at the beginning of October, is a must-read body of research based on the responses of over 1000 non-profit professionals to questions on the topic of charitable income, supporters, fundraising in the pandemic, and digital transformation. This is the fourth year we have published the report, and the findings this year are more interesting and insightful than ever following what has been a challenging time, to say the least.

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