Lincolnshire Community Foundation Launch Ukraine support funding

Big Lincolnshire Welcome Fund – Ukraine

Grant Size: £150 for Individuals £300 for families
Grant Location: Lincolnshire
Applications made will be reviewed in January 2023

Refugees who have been here for some months may need support as they transition from living with a host to moving into their own home to live independently. At the same time, refugees who continue to arrive may need support to help them settle into their new environment. Any refugee fleeing their homeland of Ukraine can apply to the fund for support.  Grants are available up to £150 for individuals and £300 for families, although these are not cash grants.  

Ukrainian Refugee Integration Fund

Grant Size: up to £10,000
Grant Location: Lincolnshire
Deadline: 31st January 2023

Recognising the value of the voluntary sector, and the vast range of knowledge and support they have to offer to our communities, funding has been made available from the Central Government’s Homes for Ukraine Scheme via Lincolnshire County Council which helps enable Ukrainian families and individuals rebuild their lives and fully integrate into our communities.