Kasbah Conservation Area Management Plan

Written and sent on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council:

The unique nature of the Kasbah area of Grimsby docks, and how to manage it for the future, is the subject of a new management plan by conservation specialists, Alan Baxter Ltd.

The Kasbah Conservation Area was designated in 2017, in recognition of its distinctive and special character with a unique set of industrial buildings relating to the fishing industries and associated uses, particularly smokehouses.

Now, the company has been employed to work with the Council and other partners, including current and potential future occupiers of the docks’ premises to provide solutions and guidance for current and future occupiers of the historic buildings.

Al Eggeling of Alan Baxter’s heritage team explained: “The Kasbah Conservation Area Management Plan will be unique. It will not just be about preserving the unique smokeries and buildings of the world’s greatest fishing port but rather it will be about managing change: enabling a thriving, heritage-led regeneration of this unique town-within-a-town.

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