IVAR Briefing paper; Steadfast Endurance

This thirteenth briefing shares the experiences of 23 leaders participating in online peer support sessions between 11th and 30th November, and reflections on the questions and opportunities for funders that they raise.

Three concerns stand out as front of mind for VCSE leaders:

  1. The limitations of online: ‘We’re an organisation that’s based on human relationships, warmth and layers of communication that don’t happen remotely but face-to-face. Everyone has English as a second language, so phone calls are more difficult.’
  2. Sustaining their teams: ‘I’m finding it emotional. We’re not machines.’
  3. Thinking about ‘what next’: ‘At our board away day the focus was deliberately to not think about the here and now, but to focus on the future. Everyone found that very refreshing.’

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