Invitation to inform the Our Place, Our Future survey

Invitation to inform the Our Place, Our Future survey:

The big partnership/place based survey – Our Place, Our Future is due to run in November 2020. There were are a number of criticisms of this survey but it is designed to be a ‘state of the borough’ style measuring approach so we can assess where:

  • our interventions have made a measured difference
  • key emerging issues are. 

NELC are reviewing the comments/criticisms made and are hoping to build on what we learnt from last time this was run.

In 2018, the partners were Council, CCG, OPPC, and Police. This year we’d like to extend the partnership to include the VCSE sector, Fire and LHP – find attached the 2018 version. 

With this in mind NELC have compiled some possible VCSE questions (attached) for the 2020 survey, however, we would like to hear from you – ‘What question/s would your organisation ask or what would your organisation want to know?’  You may look at the attached/enclosed questions and think these are OK, if that is the case let us know that too. 

To get involved in the process or provide feedback please ring or email Andrew Dulieu, Consultation and Engagement Officer – Communications & Marketing, North East Lincolnshire Council

T: (01472) 32 4380