Intersectional Storyteller’s Toolkit

This is a FREE five-day series (via email), which is designed to enhance your charity’s approach in communications and media. An intersectional approach means focusing on people from more than one marginalised identity or underrepresented section of society.

During the five days, you’ll receive an email focusing on a different aspect of intersectional storytelling. The Toolkit will be a combination of short films, theoretical explanations, templates, and practical tips designed to help you and your organisation become more intersectional in your communications and media work. The Toolkit will also help towards:

  • Understanding Intersectionality: Hear from sector leaders on what intersectionality means to them and how they embed it in their organisations.
  • Framing Your Story: Understand how to identify, develop and embed intersectional frames into your communications.
  • Exploring Lived Experiences: Reflect on how your organisations can meaningfully and authentically engage with lived experience.
  • Using Data: Discover how you can use data to build intersectional narratives and challenge misinformation.
  • Pitching Intersectional Stories to Journalists: Hear directly from journalists about what they’re seeking when you pitch your intersectional stories.

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