Hinrichsen Foundation

Deadline 9th April 2020

The Foundation offers grants to support organisations and individuals undertaking projects to promote music.

In addition to one-off project funding, the Foundation has set up a scheme under the broad heading of New Initiatives. Under this scheme support can be provided on a larger scale (up to £10,000 per annum) for more complex performance projects that may require guaranteed funding over a period of time, initially up to three years.

Three categories of project eligible for consideration for funding under the New Initiatives scheme have been identified by the trustees:

  • Innovative or original projects that involve planning beyond or outside the established work of the applicant. These may mainly be on a larger scale than previously undertaken projects, or they may involve a complete rethink of existing concepts or resources.
  • More conventional or traditional projects that are new to the applicant that need guaranteed funding over a minimum period of years.
  • New approaches to, or new initiatives within existing schemes.

For further information, please visit the Hinrichsen Foundation website here.