Growing up in a Coastal Community

NELC have an exciting opportunity for local people to share their memories and experiences through a project designed and developed by local young people in partnership with University College London with a theme of growing up in a coastal community.  To carry out the research the young people have helped to plan and prepare a number of interactive activities to gather the research with young people (aged 16-25) and Older people (aged 60+ who were a teenager in the area).  These include small focus groups, 1-1 interviews and community walks.  The focus groups and walks are planned to take around 2 hours and the 1-1 interviews around 30-45 minutes each.  The activities to gather the information will be held between the end of May and end of July and we expect the results to be available by the end of September.  All participants will be invited to hear the findings of the research and next steps.  

Flyers are attached and anyone interested can get in touch to book onto the activities.