Grimsby Dads Collective (GDC)

From YMCA Humber:

  • Do you work with families? 
  • Do you think services locally could do more to support fathers?  

The Grimsby Dads Collective (GDC) works with young fathers so that they can use their experience to improve the support that’s out there to help them to be the best dads they can be. This innovative approach harnesses young fathers’ expertise by experience to help professionals look at their practice with fresh eyes and make improvements. Professionals can attend ‘Ask a Dad’ workshops or work with the team to get the right support for your service. These workshops focus on professional development and will support you to look at your service from a fresh perspective. 

Benefits for your organisation 

  • Enhancing the engagement and impact you already have with young fathers 
  • Offering services that are relevant to and supportive of young fathers 
  • Shared learning with other local organisations working with young fathers 
  • Access to cutting edge research and evidence about support for young parents and their families 
  • New links to national organisations and charities 

Benefits for young fathers and their families 

Existing research shows us that when young fathers are well supported to be involved in the lives of their children that this has a positive impact on families. Involved dads result in: 

  • Positive outcomes for the well-being and social and educational development of their children (Poole et al. 2014).  
  • Reduced likelihood of postpartum depression and stress in mothers during pregnancy and afterwards (MenCare, 2017).  
  • Greater confidence and satisfaction in family life for men (Rosenberg and Wilcox, 2006). 

When services recognise and respond to young fathers this results in healthier children and families (Tarrant and Neale, 2017).  


The project is being funded and researched as part of the ‘Following Young Fathers Further’ study, based at the University of Lincoln. With your help, Grimsby will be recognised nationally as an example of good practice and the learning will be used to support professional practice and improve opportunities for other young fathers across the UK. 

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If you want to be involved or learn more about the Following Young Fathers study, including the research and its partners, please visit the project website: or follow us on Twitter @FollowingYFF 

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Young Dads Project Coordinator
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