Government Announces Permanent Extension of Free School Meals to Families With No Recourse to Public Funds

From Praxis:

In a major win for the No Recourse to Public Funds (NRPF) Action Group’s campaign, the Department for Education has announced that they will extend access to Free School Meals to all families affected by NRPF. Thank you to all the supporters and allies who joined our call to make sure that free school meals stayed available to all children who need them, no matter their parents’ immigration status.

From our day to day work with people affected by the NRPF policy, which prevents people from accessing the welfare safety net, even if they’re living in poverty, we’re used to hearing regularly about the hardship they faced being unable to access to Free School Meals. When the Government took the welcome step of changing the rules so that some of these children could get Free School Meals, it was an important move – thousands of children were guaranteed one hot, freshly cooked meal per day, at a time when many families were losing their jobs and incomes.

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