Gisela Graham Foundation

The Foundation aims to provide financial benefit to those in need through the provision of grants and other payments to provide assistance in specific cases of poverty and poor education; it will also help to further the advancement of public health and safety and to provide education and cultural life for the general benefit of society.

The aim of the charity is to:

  • Further advancement of public health and safety through the research and treatment of chronic illnesses and conditions.
  • Alleviate poverty and deprivation amongst children in less developed countries through care, education, and family support.
  • Assist the aims of enterprising young and unemployed requiring start-up funds.
  • Promote causes supporting young homeless people seeking to achieve self sufficiency.
  • To promote and support the benefit of adults with learning disabilities, and contribute towards the provision of property for the accommodation of such adults.
  • To support charities and other organisations concerned with safety at sea, including those actively involved with youth training.
  • Assist organisations concerned with the propagation of the plastic and performing arts, and in particular concerned with training and equipping young performers and artists.

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