G7 Advisory Council sets out detailed vision for gender equality

An international expert panel on gender equality has published its report after a series of discussions on how to create opportunities for women and girls, with a focus on ‘what works’. It expands on the recommendations that the Gender Equality Advisory Council (GEAC) made to G7 Leaders in June 2021 on action to drive forward gender equality.

This report builds on the GEAC’s 14 recommendations with additional background, evidence and examples, and a particular focus on ‘what works’ in order to provide governments and organisations with a strong framework on which to build. It also includes draft proposals for an accountability mechanism to monitor G7 commitments to achieve gender equality on an annual basis, in response to an invitation from Leaders at the G7 Summit.

The report highlights the real-world impacts of gender inequality, referring in particular to the situation facing women and girls in Afghanistan

In the context of the continued COVID-19 pandemic, the work of the Council and its recommendations were heavily focused on the disproportionate burden faced by women over the last 18 months, and their role in the global economic recovery. The report calls on the G7 to show leadership and demonstrate what can be achieved with effective interventions in justice, education, science, health, the workplace, and our economies.

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You can read the report here