Free Headspace Plus for the unemployed

Headspace is to help those affected with unemployment. They are offering a full year of Headspace Plus for free. this includes meditation and mindfulness tools to help you feel less stressed, more resilient, and kinder to yourself.

Headspace Plus subscription includes:

  • Access to the full Headspace library, including hundreds of guided meditations and courses on everything from stress to relationships and more
  • Short mini-meditations you can do anytime
  • Sleep by Headspace: a collection of relaxing sleepcasts, music, sounds, and more to help create the conditions for a better night’s rest
  • Move Mode: at-home workouts and guided runs led by expert trainers to help create a total body-mind fitness routine (currently available only in English on iOS)
  • The Wake Up: our daily, bite-sized video series designed to inspire more mindfulness in your everyday life (currently available only in English on iOS)
  • Animations that guide you through essential meditation techniques
  • Continued guidance from Headspace co-founder Andy Puddicombe

Click here for the Headspace website.