Ford Britain Trust

The Trust pay special attention to projects focusing on education, environment, children, the disabled, youth activities and projects that provide clear benefits to the local communities close to their UK locations. The Ford Britain Trust particularly encourages applications supported by Ford employees, but is open to all, provided that the qualifying organisations meet our selection criteria.

There are two types of grants to apply for:

  • Small grants for amounts up to £250, available four times each year. Open from:
    • 1st April to 30th June
    • 1st August to 31st October
    • 1st December to 28th February
  • Large grants for amounts over £251 and up to a maximum of £3,000 are available twice each year.  Open from:
    • 1st March to 31st July
    • 1st September to 31st January

Find out how to apply here