For Awareness: Future of Flood Sirens

Update from Flood Resilience Team, Lincolnshire & Northamptonshire Area:

I am getting in touch with you regarding the future of the Grimsby and Cleethorpes flood sirens to seek your support.

The 18 flood sirens were originally installed after the Environment Agency’s free Flood Warning Service was first launched in 2006 because this didn’t have the capacity to reach all properties at coastal flood risk.

This service has been much improved since then and is now available for all properties at risk of tidal/river flooding here. The flood warnings can be issued in a more targeted way, and can give information much sooner, to help communities be prepared.

We can already reach 83% of properties at risk of coastal flooding with a flood warning message through this service. The sirens only have an audible range that could reach 72% of properties at risk, depending on factors like wind direction and double-glazing too.   

For this reason, the intention is to stop using the old flood sirens from 31 December 2020. This means the EA can continue to focus investment where it will have the biggest positive impact on communities.

We would appreciate your thoughts and ideas about how we can share information with the community about this and also encourage more people to sign up to the Flood Warning Service. It is really easy to sign up – people can call 0345 988 1188, or do it online I have attached two versions of a poster and Flood Action Guide leaflet to help with this. We can work with you to tailor some of the content even more specifically to better reflect your community.

If you would like hard copies of either poster or leaflet, please contact our Flood Resilience Team using or call me on 07810 527156.

You may be able to support us further, for example by placing information on any website you may have, or in newsletters for residents. We can supply wording for any articles that may be required. 

For your additional information, Grimsby and Cleethorpes are being specifically targeted with social media messages in November to encourage people to know what to do in a flood as part of the EA’s national annual Flood Action Campaign. Please share related any content you see. More information is available here.

We would sincerely appreciate your views on how we can best raise awareness and share information currently in these unprecedented times and look forward to hearing from you.

Many thanks and kind regards,

Rachael McMahon