Evan Cornish Grassroots Fund

Deadline 3rd February 2023

The object of the Fund is to improve the wellbeing of people living in Greater Lincolnshire and to make life more comfortable, ease distress and isolation for those most in need.   

Grants of up to £6,000.


  • Social cohesion: Community activities; access to essential services; support for people leaving Prison and their families, women’s groups, projects that contribute to strong and cohesive communities.
  • Advice and Support: Debt counselling; Citizens Advice Bureau; welfare advice services, nutrition and diet.
  • Older People: Care at home, integration projects; projects tackling isolation, loneliness and dementia, volunteer costs, sitter and companionship.
  • Homelessness: Interventions/support to assist vulnerable homeless people, e.g. accommodation, advice, food/clothing.
  • Food Security: Seed swaps, community growing schemes, advice about food sovereignty and sustainability.

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