Electric Car Charge Points

From Nathan Taylor, Your Community Hub CIC:

I have been in touch with an installer of car charging points for my site at Cleethorpes and Humbertson.

In a nutshell they are looking to install two car charge points at each site for free.

They receive a significant amount of money for doing this as an installer.

The owner (investor) starts to recoup their money around year 3.

We/site owner/tenant will get a very small % of each charge paid back to us.

You do not pay for the electricity it is separate line.

They are actively looking for sites.

I live in Cleethorpes and there are 3 charging points showing on the map and each one is broken as they’re appears to be no maintenance in place for these, this company has a maintenance team who aim to repair any chargers within 48hrs.

By increasing the number of chargers this should encourage more people to look at electric cars which are here to stay thus improving our green credentials.

If you have a car park open to the public and can accommodate a charger or two I will be happy to include this in my list of potential sites for the company to look at.

NOTE you must have at least 15years left on your lease.

Please have a serious think if this is for you and your group/company.

I will need : Site address and post code, contact person and phone number.

Nathan Taylor


Mobile 07473647237   L/Line 01472 456959