Early Help Assessment: Change of contact email


Following on from the successful launch event and implementation of their revised threshold document – Helping , Supporting and Protecting Children and Families in North East Lincolnshire, they have made some changes in ensuring process is aligned to practice.

From the 1st July 2024, any request for targeted Family Help will need to be directed to Familyhelprequests@nelincs.gov.uk

 and NOT the NELCChildrensfrontdoor@nelincs.gov.uk

This is to include all early help assessments requesting parenting, 1-1 work, group programmes or Young carer requests.

For any safeguarding concerns these are to continue to follow the usual referral route via a telephone call to the Integrated Front door on 01472 326292 Option 2 Option 2.

For advice/guidance where there is uncertainty around threshold/level of need, please continue to contact the Integrated Front Door 01472 326292 Option 2 Option 2.

Thank you for your continued support in supporting children and families in North East Lincolnshire.