E-bike project in North East Lincolnshire – Initial expression of interest

E-bike project in North East Lincolnshire – Initial expression of interest

We are contacting you on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council and its partner, ENGIE, who are currently seeking funding to provide local residents with the opportunity to try out electrically assisted bikes (e-bikes or e-trikes).

As you may be aware there is a growing trend to get more people cycling to improve health, support the recovery from COVID-19 and tackle the environmental impacts of everyday journeys. An e-bike can provide an ideal alternative to a normal pedal cycle for people who have certain health conditions or who are travelling longer distances to work, college or the shops.

Initially, our aim is to find out if a scheme whereby local residents could get subsidised access to an e-bike / e-trike for a limited “trial” period would be of interest to you or your groups service users.

Full training on the safe use of the e-bike would be provided along with the appropriate safety/security equipment.  For new or less experienced cyclists we will also be offering cycle confidence training to develop skills and confidence to allow them to benefit fully from their e-bike.

At this stage, we are just looking for you to register your interest in finding out more about the scheme.  By providing your details now, you are only agreeing for us to contact you (or another representative of your organisation or group) should the funding for the project be secured. If at that stage, you are no longer interested in the project for whatever reason we will not contact you again.

To register your (or your groups) interest please complete the form attached (page 2) and return by e-mail or post to the address below

If you have queries or questions about the above, please email carole.johnson@hwrcc.org.uk or alternatively call us on 01652 637700.

We look forward to hearing from you.

Thank you.