Domestic Abuse Support Service/Market Engagement (Lincolnshire County Council)

Deadline 30th April 2022

Lincolnshire County Council is in the process of re-commissioning and procuring contract(s) to deliver a Domestic Abuse Support Service. The services to be re-procured are: Independent Domestic Violence Advisors for high risk cases that come through the MARAC and a Community Outreach Service that will support all standard, medium and high risk (non-MARAC).Domestic Abuse victims.

The Council is keen to understand the markets preferred approach to a number of important elements which will help to inform the decision making process and development of the specification. To this end; Providers are invited to complete a questionnaire (attached to the Advert) which focuses upon aspects such as the scope of contract, future proofing the service, deliverability and various commercial considerations. The questionnaire is available on Pro-Contract here or available on request from

Please complete and return by the 24th March 2022.