Diversity Project Charity

Typical grants are between £5,000 – £15,000.

Applications are reviewed on a quarterly basis.

Diversity Project Charity prioritises funding for projects that actively implement inclusion, particularly within the realm of financial services. They have a strong preference for supporting grassroots initiatives where they can provide both financial assistance and practical guidance to facilitate access to the financial services sector. Additionally, they extend funding to projects aimed at addressing these issues on a broader societal scale.

Their key criteria for funding are for organisations which:

  • Are already implementing projects in their focused areas
  • Can provide evidence of the impact they have had on tackling diversity, inclusion and social mobility issues
  • Have a clear vision, strong management and robust governance (including relevant policies and processes)
  • Have access to and are working with or otherwise supporting their target beneficiaries (i.e. individuals and communities that are impacted)
  • Can show they are sustainable.

For more information, and to apply, click link:

Grant Giving – The Diversity Project Charity