Digital Inclusion Network and Survey

Written and sent on behalf of Humber and Wolds Rural Action:

Would you like to join a Digital Inclusion Network for VCSE organisations working in Humber and North Yorkshire? There will be engaging meetings and a helpful newsletter of the clear and concise variety. 

The network aims to identify, reduce and remover barriers to digital inclusion. The benefits to getting involved include sharing good practice, tools and resources. This will mean you can showcase your work, learn from others and discover pots of funding for digital inclusion. You will learn more about what is happening in the NHS and local authorities. You will be encouraged to have your say and explain the pain points of the people you work with and enable them to share their stories. You can start having your say today by completing a quick survey

What is digital inclusion? 

Digital inclusion means people can use digital technology without barriers blocking them from the advantages of doing so. Consider your own digital journey and what you have gained from it. Wouldn’t you love to share those benefits with other people? 

Why does it matter when it comes to public services including health and social care? 

With more and more services going online and taking a digital first approach, we want to ensure that access to those services is widely available. Access is ideal when it is affordable and stress-free. It’s also vital to make provision for those who will remain unable to do things online. 

Who does it help? 

Digital inclusion helps a diverse range of individuals and communities to access helpful services quickly and efficiently. With the current cost of living crisis, it can also help to save money sometimes cutting travel costs or perhaps enabling someone to claim welfare benefits/grants and find a job. 

Where does it happen? 

Digital inclusion is often about a family member, carer, friend or colleague showing someone how to do something online. Local authorities are working on digital inclusion utilizing venues like libraries. The NHS App and other initiatives are transforming health and social care. The VCSE also play a key role in helping people to access the benefits of the online world. 

How the VCSE sector can help 

  • Provide spaces where people can get online with good connectivity and reliable equipment
  • Deliver learning opportunities on digital matters for clients, volunteers and staff
  • Make people aware of online scams and how to use the Internet safely
  • Consider the needs of specific geographic communities and communities of interest
  • Complete the VCSE Digital Inclusion Network Survey for Humber and North Yorkshire

To join the network’s mailing list and ensure you are invited to our launch event, please email