Department for Education Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF)

Deadline 30th June 2022

The Trust Capacity Fund (TCaF) will award up to £24 million funding to support trust growth and development across England.

TCaF will have two strands:

  • A: For projects in which trusts will take on at least one additional inadequate or requires improvement school from one of the areas listed in the guidance
  • B: For all other trust capacity building projects.

Value Notes

A total of £86 million is available for this programme.

There are two strands of funding:

  • A – £50,000 to £310,000
  • B – £50,000 to £100,000

All activities funded by TCaF must start no earlier than 1 April 2022 and be completed by 31 March 2023.

They must be focused on strengthening trusts’ central capacity and not improving individual schools. Examples of activities for which they can seek TCaF funding include:

  • Establishing new central systems and processes such as IT, finance and HR
  • Training and continuing professional development for staff
  • New staffing within the central trust team
  • Relocation costs for moving staff to new regions
  • Specialist advice – such as IT, finance or HR advice – to build permanent capacity for growth.

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