Cultural Intelligence for the Third Sector, Charities, Non-Profit and Voluntary Organisations

Written and sent on behalf of Equality Practice:

Cultural Intelligence is the capacity to function effectively across a variety of culturally different contexts, such as ethnicity, generational and organisational cultures etc. 

Success today requires the ability to adapt to a variety of culturally diverse situations.  The world and its norms are changing rapidly, and our ability to be successful and effective largely depends on our ability to adapt to change. 

This 2.5hr facilitated discussion will help you to understand how Cultural Intelligence can: 

  • Grow your networks
  • Build trust and relevance in your community
  • Increase your impact
  • Protect and support your reputation, your funding and your income streams.

This invite is free to the first 50 who sign up, after which there will be a charge.  Please see attachment for more details of the invite: