Creative organisations appointed to deliver events programme

Grimsby Creates has selected a number of organisations to develop and deliver a creative programme of free activities and events that will happen throughout Grimsby town centre spaces and heritage buildings in the coming years.

The overall aim of the events programme will be to celebrate shared pride in local origin, heritage, food and future in new, exciting and innovative ways, and increase participation in creative activity.

Through a recent open tender, four lead organisations were selected to lead creative teams who will deliver a range of exciting events and activities, with three of the four based in North East Lincolnshire.

• Creative Start Arts – will deliver ambitious and impactful visual artworks, based on Grimsby’s heritage.
• Emergency Exit Arts – will deliver a food and culture festival with participation from Grimsby communities and local food activists.
• Event Show Support – will curate a programme to showcase Grimsby’s rich heritage including our food and buildings.
• The Culture House – will deliver an inspiring mix of creativity, performance, technology and sustainability on “future” themes.

The Grimsby Creates team and partners will be working with the project teams over the coming months prior to further details being announced later in the year.

Meanwhile, other elements to the events strand (previously awarded) are continuing

Magna Vitae have now launched their website and will be recruiting young adults for the People Power Partnership exchange programme. The auditions closed this week, with successful young people taking part in a number of workshops to create a spectacle along with other side events.
And a new “Festival of the Sea” will be coming to Grimsby in the summer. Delivered by Walk the Plank and The Culture House, this year’s festival will be a lead-in to a much larger scale festival next year.

“Grimsby Creates” has been launched to provide an umbrella brand for the cultural activity in Grimsby over the next three years, being funded through the Cultural Development Fund (CDF) money.

The CDF programme, funded by the Department for Digital, Culture, Media and Sport (DCMS) and administered by Arts Council England, is providing a unique opportunity to transform Grimsby into a vibrant town centre where heritage and creativity are enjoyed.

For further details about the Grimsby Creates Programme click here