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We offer a range of support in order to give individuals, who are often deemed as the ‘hardest to reach’, the opportunity to reengage with learning and/or work. We currently work with unemployed adult community members and young people who are classed as NEET (Not in Employment, Education or Training).

Traineeship Programme

No Train No Gain is a bespoke work experience programme offering Traineeships to young people in North East Lincolnshire. Traineeships offer learners aged 16 – 18 the opportunity to gain experience in the workplace and essential job skills, as well as the prospect to improve in English and maths. The programme involves a minimum of 70 hours of guided work experience with placements available to suit individual career aspirations.

To meet the criteria for No Train No Gain, you need to be:

Aged 16-18 and qualified to a Level 3 or lower

You must be unemployed or working for less than 16 hours per week

You must be motivated to go into work

Building Better Opportunities

The BBO programme is designed for unemployed individuals aged 19 and over to help improve their life prospects. Each client can access training and support giving them the skills to improve their chances to move forward in the job market.

To meet the criteria for BBO, you need to be:

Aged 19 upwards

You must be unemployed

You must be motivated to return to work

Well to Work

The Well to Work programme will empower adults with low confidence to develop a skill set and increase employment and social opportunities to develop better life chances.

Delivery is on a one-to-one basis and/or in groups. The Well to Work programme will help to improve a person’s outlook on their situation and to help them believe in their potential. to see the attributes, they can offer to the labour market

To meet the criteria for Well to Work, you need to be:

Aged 18 upwards

You must be unemployed



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