Counter Terrorism Local Profile Commissioning Document

On behalf of Inspector Stephen Fennell please see below.  

As part of Counter Terrorism Policing North East’s (CTPNE) continuing assessment of threat and risk within the region, our Analyst and Research team are beginning to compile the Counter Terrorism Local Profile (CTLP) document which is due to be published in Feb/March 2024. CTPNE have produced a comprehensive survey to assess the knowledge and training needs relating to PREVENT and terrorist and extremist activity in the seven CTLP areas across the North East Region. Analysis of your responses will form a baseline assessment and feed into the 2024 CTLP. This email is being sent to individuals based on involvement within Strategic Contest Boards and/or local Strategic Multi Agency Prevent Boards.

The CTLP is an annual assessment that outlines the threat and vulnerability from terrorism related activity within Humberside. The aims of the CTLP are to –  

  • Detail threats, risks and vulnerabilities relating to terrorism to inform CT Policing and strategic Prevent and Protect & Prepare delivery partners at a local level.
  • Enable a targeted and proportionate use of resources when formulating Prevent programmes and targeted delivery plans.
  • Support the mainstreaming of Prevent activity into day-to-day policing, local government and statutory Prevent delivery bodies.
  • The CTLP is a collaborative document which is shared between Police and Partners.

Whilst the identification of CT related information sits predominantly with the Police, all partners are invited to submit any content they feel is relevant and this will be assessed in the context of the wider threat picture.

Attached is a document to assist with words and terminology used and a link to the survey. The link to the survey will close on the 30th November 2023 in order to ensure that later timescales on CTLP publications can be maintained. The link to the survey is at the bottom of this email. Our aim is to establish the ‘big picture’ – the data collected will remain confidential.

The survey should take between 10-15 minutes to complete, please complete it fully and honestly. It covers the following areas:

  • About You, your Role, and the Organisation you work for
  • Issues in your Area
  • Pathways to Radicalisation
  • Community Tension
  • Your Understanding of Prevent
  • Any Other Comments

Thank you in advance for time and effort in completing this survey –

If you have any issues or queries relating to anything contained within the survey, please contact: