Counter Terror Training


Become a counter-terror citizen and help protect your community

Learn how to spot the signs of terrorism with a new e-learning course.

People in North East Lincolnshire are being urged to take the ACT Awareness course developed by counter terrorism officers.

By becoming a counter-terror citizen, you will learn to recognise the signs of suspicious behaviour and understand what to do in the event of a major incident.

ACT training is available online for free and can be accessed at any time. The course takes just 45 minutes to complete.

The training was previously only available to professionals and people working with the public, but is now available to everyone.

Completing the training could save lives or help prevent an attack from taking place.

Councillor Ron Shepherd, cabinet member for Safer and Stronger Communities, said: “Terrorism awareness training is vital in the fight against radicalisation and violent extremism.

“While North East Lincolnshire Council has thankfully not been subject to a terrorist incident, the national threat level is substantial, meaning an attack could happen at any time.

By acting as the eyes and ears for the police and local security team, you can play a significant part in keeping our community and yourself safe and gain a greater understanding of what to look out for.”

Visit to sign up and take the online training.