Community Shop Easter Healthy Holidays

From Grimsby Community Shop:

Once again we are looking for your support in delivering another great Free Healthy Holidays Programme. This can be anything from donating items which will go in the box (does not have to be food), helping to pack them, or distribute them or deliver them to those who can’t get out or delivering a pre-recorded or live session on something you’re your organisation feels will benefit our families.  We have all of the sessions we delivered on our Facebook page

It would  great explore Easters provision with yourselves so we can make this one bigger and better to support communities, tenants, members and service users. Myself and Joseph Chow our Social Impact & Development Manager would be very open to consult regarding plans for Free Easter Healthy Holidays programme which will involve the following:

  • Food Box- Ingredients for 5 meals per week (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner, dessert) linked with recipe sheets to  cooking sessions below. Also including healthy snacks and drinks provision (fruit, breakfast bars, drinks etc.) This is given out Free
  • Interactive Cooking Sessions
  • Interactive Exercise Sessions
  • Mental Health Education Sessions
  • Health & Wellbeing Education Sessions
  • Nutritional Education Sessions
  • Opportunities to Meet Inspiring Stars (sport, health, nutrition)
  • Multi-sports Coaching (COVID dependent)

If you could help us deliver any of the above or feel you have something that is not above that you would like to share on our Healthy Holidays Programme, please get in touch.

Together we can help more and more individuals and families.