Community Engagement Fund

Deadline 30th August 2023

The fund from Home Office is intended to support grassroots and community groups to engage communities and raise awareness of and address any misinformation about the Windrush Compensation and Windrush Schemes, with a focus on non-Caribbean communities.

The grant cover the following:

  • Holding events, for example cost of venue, refreshments, and other related costs
  • Creating and sharing marketing materials, like leaflets and posters
  • Running communications campaigns both in person and online
  • Accessing and using communication channels, for example social media or local radio
  • Getting support from corporate partners, public figures or advocates
  • Staff time to work specifically on the project

This fund is best suited to support short and easy-to-deliver projects, rather than a programme of work, as all allocated funds need to be spent within the financial year.

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