Comic Relief COVID-19 Community Fund

The Comic Relief COVID-19 Community Fund will provide grants of £4,000 to English grass roots organisations in order for them to respond to the current crisis and recover through enhanced Capacity building grants of £1000.

The funding aims to support local grassroots organisations in England to respond to the needs of vulnerable individuals, families and communities during the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis and recover from the impact that the coronavirus/COVID-19 crisis has had on their services.

The funding is for organisations that deliver projects that provide community benefit across one of Comic Relief’s four strategic themes:

  • Children Survive and Thrive: Projects that support children under the age of five to reach their potential and have the best start in life.
  • Fighting for Gender Justice: Projects that improve equality for women, girls and initiatives that help people affected by domestic violence, abuse or exploitation due to their gender.
  • A Safe Place to Be: Projects that support people who are rebuilding their lives because of homelessness or forced migration.
  • Mental Health Matters: Projects that support good mental health in communities, improve access to support and tackle stigma and discrimination.

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