Collective Response to Protect Ukrainian Refugees From Human Trafficking in the UK

Sent on behalf of Humber Modern Slavery Partnership:

Ukrainian refugees travelling to the UK (both without documents and under the Ukraine scheme) are at significant risk of exploitation, both in transit and upon their arrival. To ensure a collective response to the emerging risk of slavery faced by Ukrainian refugees entering the UK the Anti-Trafficking sector have collated a comprehensive list of materials to inform displaced people from Ukraine entering the UK of their rights and entitlements which can be accessed here. Please feel free to share this spreadsheet with organisations that may find it helpful, and email with any materials to add to this document. 

FLEX Statement on Ukrainian Seasonal Work Visa Holders
FLEX have published their statement on the increased risk of exploitation for Ukrainian workers on the Seasonal Worker Visa (SWV) which does not allow individuals to bring family members to safety, access public funds, or leave their work in agriculture, even if there is no work available. FLEX with others, wrote to the Home Secretary and Minister early in March 2022 to highlight the increased risks of exploitation for Ukrainian workers on the SWV due to the dangerous combination of their changed circumstances due to the invasion of Ukraine, the restricted terms of the Seasonal Workers Visa, and the general risks associated with agricultural work and the SWV. 

Unseen’s Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline Annual Assessment 
Data from the Helpline, which is run by the anti-slavery charity Unseen, helps to shed light on the nature and scale of slavery in the UK. Unseen’s report, Modern Slavery & Exploitation Helpline Annual Assessment 2021, a yearly stock take of the figures collated from the Helpline can be accessed here. These Helpline figures indicate that reports of sexual exploitation has increased for third year running and also reveal a 51% increase in the number of modern slavery cases where a potential victim contacted the Helpline themselves. 

Office for National Statistics: Child victims of Modern Slavery March 2022
The Centre for Crime and Justice, Office for National Statistics have released their first monthly publication of data on child victims of modern slavery in the UK which comprises of a statistical bulletin and a progress report. Both can be found here

Training Framework for the Prevention, Identification and Support of Child Victims 
Children are at an increased risk of being victims of modern slavery as a result of the pandemic and the war in Ukraine. The Children’s Training Framework has been developed to help those with responsibilities for child victims, to help develop your training for frontline staff or to improve it by aligning it with the framework. The Framework also provides additional information and resources to aid professional understanding and responses. This can be accessed through the website.

UK Consultation on the Global Compact for Migration Event Report 
This report provides a detailed account of the UK civil society consultation on the Global Compact for Migration (GCM) that was co-organised by IOM UK and ODI. Four years on from the UK’s endorsement of the GCM, and ahead of the inaugural International Migration Review Forum (IMRF), this consultation provided an opportunity for UK stakeholders to discuss progress on key themes and objectives through plenary and panel discussions led by subject-matter experts. 

Overview of Live Modern Slavery Investigations March 2022
This Modern Slavery Organised Immigration Crime Unit (MSOIC) document provides data on live investigations undertaken by police across the UK in March 2022. This includes a breakdown of investigations by exploitation type and nationalities. Access this document here.

Referrals Open for Remote Employability Programme
New referrals into the Sophie Hayes Foundation Remote Employability Programme for women survivors of trafficking are now being accepted for a May 2022 start. Please refer your clients into the programme using this form. The form also includes a reminder of their eligibility criteria. If you have any questions please contact

Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority Toolkit Launch
ATLEU have launched a new toolkit to help those working with survivors to prepare and submit an initial application to the Criminal Injuries Compensation Authority (CICA). This has been designed to help navigate the scheme and improve outcomes for survivors of trafficking.

UK Minimum Wage Entitlement to Extend to Live in Nannies
Live-in au pairs and nannies will now be entitled to minimum wage in the UK, closing the “family worker exemption” to minimum wage law. This step will help to mitigate the risks of exploitation faced by au pairs and nannies working in private homes. Read more from Freedom United here.