Children & Young People’s Trauma Informed Care Programme: Senior Leadership Training

Sent on behalf of Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership.

Dates Soon to be released!

FREE 2 Half-Day training for services providing support to Children and Young People.


  • Have a scientific understanding of what trauma is and how it lives in the nervous system of people who use our services and the staff we are managing
  • To understand the impact of trauma on organisational systems, including the signs and symptoms of trauma in staff and clients and what the system is doing to traumatise the staff
  • Be confident in the value Trauma Informed leadership and Trauma Informed care will add to your service
  • Know how to move beyond offering trauma treatment services to leading Trauma Informed organisations
  • Be able to integrate knowledge about trauma into your policies, procedures, and practices
  • Understand how to monitor the effectiveness of a Trauma Informed care system

Target Audience:

Two half day training sessions aimed at Senior Leaders from our Stakeholder and Partnership Organisations across the 6 places of the Humber and North Yorkshire region who can really effect organisational change. Once Leaders have attended the ARC training, we hope that this will give them a greater understanding of the ARC Framework, to enable them to support their staff in implementing a Trauma Informed approach and some of them becoming ARC Champions

[Note: HEY MIND are managing all the organisation and booking of all of these sessions, and therefore if you have any questions or queries regarding this, please contact their central email address they aim to be able to respond to all enquires within 48hrs].