Children & Young People’s Trauma Informed Care Programme: Developmental Trauma Introduction

Sent on behalf of Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership.

FREE Half Day training for services providing support to Children and Young People.


  • Define the meaning of trauma
  • Explore how early trauma can impact on development
  • Explore the key principles of Trauma Informed practice
  • Make sense of behaviour through a Trauma Informed lens
  • Consider how Trauma Informed practice can be applied within your role

Target Audience:

A slightly more in depth training session for all staff who have direct or regular contact with Children and Young People who may be affected by trauma (even if this is not known about). This level of training will be relevant to most staff delivering care across statutory services, Health and Social Care, Youth Justice, Emergency Services and VCS Organisations.

[Note: HEY MIND are managing all the organisation and booking of all of these sessions, and therefore if you have any questions or queries regarding this, please contact their central email address they aim to be able to respond to all enquires within 48hrs].

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3 October AM – East Riding

3 October PM – East Riding

4 October AM – North East Lincs

4 October PM – North East Lincs

4 October AM – North Lincs/ Grimsby

4 October PM – North Lincs/ Grimsby

5 October – Hull

17 October AM – North Yorkshire (Venue TBC)

17 October PM – North Yorkshire (Venue TBC)

4 December AM – York

4 December PM – York

5 December AM – North East Lincs

6 December AM – East Riding (Venue TBC)

6 December PM – East Riding (Venue TBC)

6 December AM – North Yorkshire

6 December PM – North Yorkshire

13 December AM – York

13 December AM – North Lincs

13 December PM – North Lincs

13 December AM – North East Lincs

13 December PM – North East Lincs