Children & Young People’s Trauma Informed Care Programme: 2-Day ARC Training

Sent on behalf of Humber and North Yorkshire Health & Care Partnership.

Dates Soon to be released!

FREE 2-Day training for services providing support to Children and Young People.

A Pre-Requisite to becoming an ARC Champion.


  • Define complex trauma and identify at least 3 consequences of early complex trauma exposure
  • Define Trauma Informed practice
  • Identify and briefly describe the 3 domains of the ARC framework
  • Identify and briefly describe the 8 core targets of the ARC framework
  • Identify the importance of engagement with service user and identify ways in which engagement can be built
  • Identify and briefly describe the role of routines and psychoeducation in trauma-informed practice
  • Identify key members of the caregiving system within the participant’s own system and/or with their client population
  • Identify at least one way that the core attachment targets apply to the participant and/or providers within the participant’s system
  • Identify one way to support safe caregiving systems for trauma impacted youth
  • Identify the skills needed to make meaning of Children and Young People’s behaviours
  • Identify the ways in which caregivers can respond to Children and Young People’s behaviour to meet needs and address the needs for felt safety
  • Identify at least two key targets of intervention for supporting youth regulation
  • Identify at least 2 activities that can be used to support regulation
  • Identify and describe at least one aspect of self and identity that may be impacted in trauma exposed youth
  • Describe one “entry point” for supporting decision-making in youth
  • Identify at least one strategy or activity that can be used to target executive functioning
  • Describe at least one phase of trauma experience integration, as defined by the ARC framework

Target Audience:

An in depth 2 day training course for all staff who have direct or regular contact with Children and Young People who may be affected by trauma. This level of training will support those working on a daily basis with Children and Young People. This training is delivered by national trainer Kati Taunt and offers the opportunity for those attending to become ARC Champions within their own service areas

 [Note: HEY MIND are managing all the organisation and booking of all of these sessions, and therefore if you have any questions or queries regarding this, please contact their central email address they aim to be able to respond to all enquires within 48hrs].