Charity KIDS – Community of Experience

The charity KIDS would like to hear from parents, carers, children and young people with SEND.

They would like to learn about their ‘Lived Experience’ to gather an overview of

  • Their Life Journey 
  • Their experiences of services  
  • The impact on their child or young person and the family as a whole 
  • What would have been helpful on their journey for them to manage more effectively 
  • What do they feel is needed now and in the future  

KIDS are looking to develop the ‘Community of Experience’ which they will facilitate and will be led by parent/carers and young people. It will offer Information, Peer Support, Befriending and Advice based upon the Lived Experiences and Life Journeys. Those that wish will also have the opportunity to attend CLANGERS Healthy Parent Carer Program, which is a twelve week course (2hr sessions) aimed at building well-being and resilience to help people support the Community of Experience and each other in the future. / 01482 467540