Changing Places Fund

Deadline 24th July 2023

The Changing Places Fund is a £30 million government investment into the installation of Changing Places Facilities (CPF)/ toilets in existing buildings in England that are accessible to the public. Local Authorities were urged to engage with the scheme to make the community as open and inclusive to people with disabilities as possible.

In order to be classified as a Changing Places Facility, there is certain criteria and specifications to meet. The criteria is based on the number of people with disabilities and geographical spread of facilities in a Local Authority area. Further to this, the successful partner must ensure that the Changing Places Facility will be constructed in the 2023/24 financial year. In addition, they must be registered by the Changing Places Consortium.

The Fund and Council contribution equate to just over half this amount, with the partner expected to contribute the remainder (£29k if on target).