CERT: Fundraising Apprenticeships

From CERT:

If ever there was a time to take on an apprentice it is now. Give your organisation’s fundraiser an extra set of hands and bag up to £4,000 in employer cash grants.
May seem too good to be true? But this “no strings” offer is the Chancellor’s Plan for Jobs and a pathway out the economic mire left in the wake of the pandemic. It also presents a great opportunity to Third Sector organisations trying to re-build.
If you need a fundraising apprentice then this is your golden opportunity, so don’t miss out!
We launched our new Fundraiser apprenticeship during National Apprenticeship week and we have had a phenomenal response from charities across Lincolnshire, Yorkshire and the Humber.
Our first two apprentices have already started at two charities in North East Lincolnshire and we are recruiting for three other organisations at the moment. To ensure quality, we will only working with a maximum of 20 organisations each year so if you want to take advantage of this fantastic opportunity then now is the time as the incentives end on 30 September 2021.
So you get an idea of costs here’s an example:
Have a look at our ready reckoner to see what it would cost you if you employed a fundraiser apprentice and paid them the National Minimum wage for 30 hours per week for the duration of the apprenticeship (21 months).

Gross pay*Year 1Year 2GrantEmp NIC*Total Cost

*Year 2 is for 9 months There is no Employer NIC payable for apprentices.
NMW rates based on April 2021 but a subject to increase

The only other cost is £400 contribution towards the training which is waived if the apprentice is aged 16 to 18 and you have less than 50 employees. To help with your cashflow we will not invoice you for this until you have been paid your first cash grant after the apprentice has been in post for 3 months.

Learn more: https://www.certapprenticeships.co.uk/fundraising-apprenticeship?utm_source=GoodFinance&utm_medium=email&utm_campaign=FundraiserApp-Mar21

Alternatively, get in touch today to arrange a call or zoom to see how we can help you grow your capacity and your organisation in one go.