Adult Frailty and Long Term Conditions Assessments and Reviews (Lincolnshire County Council)

Deadline 30th September 2019

The provider will undertake independent moving and handling reviews of current Adult Care Occupational Therapy Customers’ needs. This will ensure that individuals remain safe and that they receive the appropriate level of service to best meet needs. Where required, the provider will also carry out re-assessments and support planning (moving and handling plan) according to service user need.

There are a maximum of 400 clients to be reviewed within the timeframe of this contract which will expire on 31st March 2020. All activity must be completed by 31st March 2020.

For more information, please click here.

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Baysgarth Cafe – concession contract for the provision and management of the café (North Lincolnshire Council)

Deadline 20th August 2019

North Lincolnshire Council wishes to invite proposals for a Provider to lease and operate the new Baysgarth Cafe under a concession contract from September 2019. The Cafe is located in Baysgarth Park, Barton, North Lincolnshire DN18 5DU.

The site is located in the current Leisure Centre building.The leisure centre in Barton has been extended to form the new Baysgarth Centre. The new Centre incorporates the existing leisure centre, a new library with integrated access point to wider council services and enhanced facilities to support community services.

To access the tender please click here.

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Migrant Help – Confirmation of Commissioning framework

Migrant Help are looking for charities or organisations to become part of their commissioning framework to deliver outreach as a supplier on their behalf on a spot purchase basis.

They’re looking for charities and organisations who are OISC registered, CTC cleared and DBS checked who have experience of assisting vulnerable adult asylum seekers. 

The outreach requests could include a wide range of topics which may include asylum support or move on support.

The outreach framework has been finalised and published and can be accessed via clicking here.

Please note the deadline is  21/08/2019 15:00.

For any enquiries please email Marsela Hoxha on

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Feasibility Study for Clee Fields site area

Deadline 31st May 2019

This tender exercise is being undertaken by North East Lincolnshire Council to identify a suitably qualified and experienced Consultant to deliver a feasibility study into the proposed future, recreational and open space, use of the Clee Fields site and the adjacent King George V Stadium site including detailed costs and timeframe.

For further information please visit the YORtender website here.

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East Marsh Community-Led Housing project

Deadline 18th July 2019

ENGIE on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council wish to appoint a suitably qualified Consultant to provide support to establish a sustainable and ambitious community –led housing programme in the East Marsh ward, which will contribute towards regenerating the area and providing housing solutions for the community, by the community.

For further information please visit the YORtender website.

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Adult Skills and Family Learning Providers (Open Framework)

Deadline 17th May 2019

Lincolnshire County Council wishes through the process of ITT to create an open framework agreement for the provision of Adult Skills and Family Learning Providers.

The Agreement will be open for use by Lincolnshire County Council and seeks to establish learning Providers for the delivery of the Learning Programme which covers three themes; Employability and Skills, Wellbeing Programmes and Improving outcomes for families.

Funding will be subject to ESFA funding rules for the commissioning of contracted out learning provision.

For more information please visit the EastMids Tender website here.

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