Traffic Signal Design Services

Deadline 24th September 2021

ENGIE Services LTD on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council, require a Traffic Signal Consultant to carry out a junction & pedestrian crossing design devices for a number of proposed refurbishments. This work has been proposed with a review to improving traffic flows, pedestrian safety, reduce carbon emissions and improve the street scene. The proposed sites were commissioned following detailed traffic studies and consultation with stakeholders.

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Cleethorpes Masterplan Consultancy

Deadline 17th September 2021

North East Lincolnshire Council (the Authority), wishes to commission a suitably qualified Consultant to work with the Authority to produce a Masterplan for Cleethorpes, North East Lincolnshire which sets out a clear vision for the future development and regeneration of the resort and main town centre area over the short, medium and long term. There is a second part of the commission which follows on from the Masterplan work and requires the Consultant to provide clear economic evidence for key priority projects that could be included in a future Levelling Up Fund (LUF) bid to Government in 2022.

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Future High Street Development Manager

Deadline 1st October 2021

North East Lincolnshire Council and Grimsby Shopping Centre Limited, the owners of Freshney Place shopping centre, submitted a bid to government for the Future High Street Fund, to promote a leisure led scheme which incorporates a new market hall to stimulate an improved and diversified shopping and leisure offer. The investment strategy is to deliver the leisure offer to the town centre with a new cinema and other leisure use and to address market failure with a new flagship market hall and public realm that will bring renewed vibrancy to the town centre’s day and evening economy experience. 

Working in partnership, North East Lincolnshire Council is seeking to appoint a suitably qualified Development Manager, with the necessary experience, skills and resource to lead and manage the delivery of the scheme on a day-to-day basis, to meet the Partners vision for the Project in line with the cost requirements and timing constraints.

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Poverty Truth Commission Hull City Council

Deadline 16th September 2021

Poverty Truth Commissions are being set up across the UK to bring together individuals who have direct experience of living in poverty with key policy and decision makers, forging relationships and facilitating discussions towards building a shared understanding of practical steps that can be taken to improve peoples’ lives and reduce poverty. Collectively they work to understand the nature of poverty, what are some of the underlying issues that create poverty and explore creative ways of addressing them.

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Doncaster Carers Reach out Service

Deadline 14th September 2021

Doncaster MBC contract with their current service provider expires on 4th January 2022 Doncaster Council are anticipating to retender this service via their procurement portal in October this year with a view to the service commencing 5th January 2022. To assist potential suppliers Doncaster Council will be hosting a soft marketing event. The presentation will consist of an overview of the contract, the procurement process, including the commitment to social value and the social value portal with a questions and answers session at the end of the presentation.

The event will be held virtually via Microsoft Teams on Tuesday 14th September 2021 10:00 – 12:00 If you wish to attend please contact Teresa Bainbridge ( to confirm your place.

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East Riding Advice Service

Deadline 17th September 2021

The Council wishes to commission a high-quality social welfare legal advice service that supports the Council’s priority of ‘Protecting the Vulnerable’. A crucial outcome of this service will be to build on current provision whilst developing the capacity to support the Council in transforming the delivery of advice through digital solutions in the future.

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Dementia and Dementia Related Conditions

Deadline 2nd September 2021

The service will primarily support those individuals diagnosed with dementia, those awaiting or undergoing diagnosis and their carers, with certain elements of the service available to the general public and health and social care professionals. The service will ensure residents of the East Riding of Yorkshire:

  • are provided with appropriate support which will empower them to make informed decisions about their care/support and help to maximise their quality of life;
  • have access to appropriate and up to date information;
  • are signposted to the appropriate local health and/or social care service or other professional service.
  • Are supported to maintain as good a quality of life as possible for as long as possible
  • Service outcomes should reflect the aspiration of the Mental Health and Dementia Strategy, 2018 to support personal, community and system resilience

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Preliminary Market Consultation SENDIASS Independent Advice and Guidance

Deadline 17th August 2021

Special Educational Needs & Disabilities Information Advice & Support Service (SENDIASS) North East Lincolnshire SEND and Inclusion services are looking to work with the market on a new specification for independent information, advice and guidance for parents/carers and young people aged 16 and over.

(SENDIASS) The current Service provides independent information, advice and guidance to parents/cares who have children with SEND. As the complexity of SEND has increased and the Local Authority have recognised some of the systems and processes co-existing we are now looking to expand that remit.

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Adult Partnership/People’s Voice (North Lincolnshire)

Deadline 6th August 2021

North Lincolnshire Council and partners are committed to hearing the voice of people who use services and understand what ‘life is like’ for people with care needs. Listening to people’s experiences and enabling them to be active in influencing and designing services is essential to achieving positive outcomes for the people of North Lincolnshire. North Lincolnshire Council are looking to commission a service to support a framework of partnership groups to enable the council and partners to hear the voice of vulnerable people across North Lincolnshire. This service would support the varied people’s voice groups that are already in place, and develop new voice groups, which will report into the Adults Partnership.

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NEL Creativity Strategy and Activation

Deadline 20th August 2021

North East Lincolnshire Council (The Authority) is seeking to appoint a Provider to develop a new Strategy for Creativity for North East Lincolnshire (NEL). NELC are specifically seeking help with collating the existing evidence base, consultation with a broad range of stakeholders, development of a new draft strategy for public consultation and activating the strategy.

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