Grimsby Creates: Festival Director – ‘Grimsby Festival of the Sea 2021’

Deadline 7th December 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council (the Authority) on behalf of Grimsby Creates, the Cultural Development Fund programme for Grimsby, wishes to commission a Festival Director to lead the development and delivery of the inaugural ‘Grimsby Festival of the Sea 2021’.

A maximum budget of £10,000 excluding VAT, is being offered for the role of Festival Director, financed by the Cultural Development Fund (CDF). 

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Northern Forest Volunteer Tree Planting Scheme Framework

Deadline 14th December 2020

North Lincolnshire Council is seeking to establish a framework with a single Provider to deliver the Northern Forest Tree Planting Scheme.

The Provider shall have experience of delivering large scale tree-planting programmes with volunteers, such as in the context of Defra and/or Community Forest Schemes. North Lincolnshire Council has set an initial target of 110,000 trees to be planted in 2020/21, with a requirement for two years’ tree aftercare and there is the potential for further tree planting in subsequent years subject to additional funding being secured.

Experience gained through the National Forest, Northern Forest and Council projects has demonstrated the value of involving local people in tree planting projects. The Provider shall be responsible for delivering the following:

  • the supply, delivery and planting of trees
  • temporary storage or heeling in of trees prior to planting
  • the aftercare of trees for a two year maintenance period including weeding, staking, shelter maintenance and beating up
  • the recruitment, training, leadership and direct supervision of volunteers for tree planting and maintenance
  • providing vehicles, hand tools and power tools appropriate for tree planting operations
  • provide sufficient supervisory capacity to deliver a large number of large volunteer-led tree planting schemes.

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Printing and Publications Preliminary Market Consultation

Deadline 8th December 2020

North East Lincolnshire Council (the Authority) is undertaking preliminary market consultation (PMC) on its idea about a replacement to its printing and publications framework. The objective of this PMC is to share with the market the Authority’s ideas for the framework, to gather feedback on the ideas and to seek ideas about opportunities and innovation in the market.

In summary, the Authority is considering procuring a framework of external print and publication providers which covers the following job types:

  • Traditional and Lithograph Printing
  • Promotional Print
  • Large Format Print For further information about the PMC

You will need to register with YORtender and then express an interest in the opportunity in order to access the PMC documents and questionnaire. Information about the PMC is only available via YORtender.

There are supplier help guides, which are accessible via the YORtender home page if you have trouble accessing the PMC. It is important to note that a PMC is not a tender exercise. Following PMC, the Authority may conclude that procurement is not the best solution to meet a particular strategy outcome. The Authority may conclude that it would be better to do something entirely different to the intent within this PMC.

It is essential that any organisation participating in the PMC understands that a procurement opportunity is not guaranteed. It is therefore essential that organisations understand that this activity is not part of a procurement exercise and involvement in the PMC does not affect an organisation’s positioning either positively or negatively should a procurement opportunity arise subsequently. All questions and clarifications about this PMC must only be submitted via YORtender.

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Market Consultation – Community Wellbeing Framework (Hull City Council)

Deadline 6th November 2020

Hull City Council is currently in the process of undertaking supply market consultation to inform its service specification and procurement approach to commissioning the Community Wellbeing Framework, which will replace the existing Homecare contract once it has expired.

If you would like to take part in the consultation process please complete the attached market consultation questionnaire in the link by the deadline as follows: Friday 6th November 2020 (12.00 Noon)

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Enhancing Digital Skills York and North Yorkshire

Deadline 28th December 2020

Government call to run a project to deliver focused digital up-skilling and re-skilling support across sectors in the York and North Yorkshire LEP area.

Activities should include:

  • The creation of an Individual Learning Plan (ILP) for eligible participants
  • Support arrangements throughout the learning journey, including delivery methodologies and locations aligned to participants’ needs and preferences.
  • Information, advice and guidance on post-participation progression pathways.
  • The provision to eligible participants of individually tailored programmes of transferable Level 2 Digital skills provision as identified in the ILP and that will provide a strong platform for further progression to Level 3 and beyond. *A personalised exit interview including awareness raising of the “Transferability” value of participants’ newly acquired digital skills in the employment market and support to effectively promote this to potential employers.

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Humber Mental Health Support

Deadline 4th January 2021

Government call to run a project which will provide support to individuals with mental health issues to support them to engage with or re-engage with the labour market, in the Humber LEP area.

COVID-19 has had a major impact on the mental health and wellbeing of the nation. The pandemic has had a particular impact on people who were not in employment before the pandemic as many will now be even further from the labour market and will require in-depth support to get them closer to employment.

There will be cohorts of people that are now unemployed as a result of the pandemic and subsequent recession, whose mental health has been impacted as a result of this who require additional support to get them back into work.

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Humber – 50+ Retaining, Retraining, Recruiting

Deadline 23rd November 2020

Government call to run a project to up-skill, retrain and enable progression in work for those over 50 which will support workplace retention and support SMEs to improve business productivity.

There are two aspects to the Humber 50+ Retaining, Retraining and Recruiting call for projects. Activity supported under IP2.1 seeks projects which will support skills development for those employed over 50, to up-skill, retrain and enable progression in work which will support workplace retention and ultimately improve business productivity.

The project must cover the Humber LEP area.

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Hull City Council Supported Living and Vulnerable Young People Leaving Care Accommodation and Support (16-25 years) Dynamic Purchasing System

Deadline 9th October 2020

Hull City Council is seeking suitably qualified providers to supply and deliver supported living services for the Authority’s Adult Social Care and Children & Young People Family Services, by establishing a dynamic purchasing system (DPS).

The length of of contracts will be governed by the persons individual needs. Service Providers can join the DPS at any point following its launch. The DPS will be established for a period of 8 years, with an option to extend for up to a further 2 x 1 year periods. Organisations accepted on to the DPS will be invited, via categories to further competitions to bid against individual, or block placements. Please register on the Supplier Registration Service -

Once you have been registered on this site, you will be able to access the bid pack for this DPS opportunity. Please use this link to take you directly to the DPS page – Please also see the attached document for further information.

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Preliminary Market Consultation CCTV Upgrade, North East Lincolnshire

Deadline 7th October 2020

ENGIE Services Ltd on behalf of North East Lincolnshire Council is carrying out a Preliminary Market Consultation ahead of a procurement exercise to find a suitable contractor who can design and install new CCTV cameras on to a newly extended Mesh transmission network system, providing the infrastructure within the CCTV control room which will be upgraded as a part of this exercise by the successful contractor.

The coverage is to extend across the Borough of North East Lincolnshire. As a part of this PMC they would like to understand what the market has to offer in terms of an improved system, replacement digital cameras, connectivity to existing systems, increased infrastructure requirements, along with gaining insight as to advantages and disadvantages of using cloud based and static PC based systems for monitoring, recording and retrieving the CCTV data. A key feature of any new system is that it must be updateable, robust, and secure they would like to understand throughout this PMC how the market can achieve this.

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