A new service from the Refugee Council providing a national ‘Infoline for asylum seekers and refugees relating to COVID-19’

Please do share amongst your refugee and asylum multi-agency networks.  Information available in various languages – see PDF’s.

Any queries, please could you contact Natja Thorbjornsen at Refugee Council directly: Natja.Thorbjornsen@RefugeeCouncil.org.uk

IVAR Briefing paper; Steadfast Endurance

This thirteenth briefing shares the experiences of 23 leaders participating in online peer support sessions between 11th and 30th November, and reflections on the questions and opportunities for funders that they raise.

Three concerns stand out as front of mind for VCSE leaders:

  1. The limitations of online: ‘We’re an organisation that’s based on human relationships, warmth and layers of communication that don’t happen remotely but face-to-face. Everyone has English as a second language, so phone calls are more difficult.’
  2. Sustaining their teams: ‘I’m finding it emotional. We’re not machines.’
  3. Thinking about ‘what next’: ‘At our board away day the focus was deliberately to not think about the here and now, but to focus on the future. Everyone found that very refreshing.’

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Richard Bray: Seven tax issues that charities shouldn’t overlook

Article from CivilSociety:

Charities mustn’t allow the coronavirus crisis to distract them from important tax issues, says Richard Bray, vice-chair of the Charity Tax Group, in a blogpost written to coincide with Charity Finance Week.

Being male, I am used to female colleagues and friends telling me that I am incapable of multitasking. Of course, I beg to differ and I just hope that I am right! But if ever multitasking is necessary, it seems that the pandemic is one such time.

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Small Charities Data – The go to place for data about small charities

Small Charities Data is a digital research hub that brings together the latest and best available data on small charities in the UK. The data is updated yearly and drawn from a wide range of sources, like government, regulators, membership bodies and infrastructure organisations in the charity sector, independent funders, academics researchers, and many others. 

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Charity Governance Code

Good governance is fundamental to a charity’s success. It enables and supports a charity’s compliance with the law and relevant regulations. It also promotes a culture in which everything works towards fulfilling the charity’s vision.

The Code is a practical tool to help charities and their trustees develop high standards of governance.

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Use returned business rate relief to help save the UK’s troubled high streets

Published by Power to Change:

The Covid-19 pandemic has pushed many UK businesses deep into financial crisis, but not all have suffered equally. In fact, the pandemic has produced some unlikely winners in the retail sector.

Those categorised as providing “essential” services have in many cases increased their revenues and profits. So, I was pleased to read this week that B&Q has joined Tesco, Sainsbury’s, Aldi and Morrison’s, among others, in returning more than £2bn of the business rate relief they collectively received. Clearly, these retailers didn’t need it.

But there have also been many losers. Many on the high street have experienced such punishing losses that retailers including Debenhams and Topshop owner Arcadia are on the cusp of permanent closure.

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Census 2021 Purple Plaque Campaign

From Census:

From a school teacher who has transformed your life, to a doctor who may have saved it, communities up and down the country are full of ordinary people doing extraordinary things. 

To mark the 22nd census of England and Wales – which will be held on 21 March 2021 – we will be awarding 22 local heroes bespoke purple plaques to honour and celebrate the achievements of people who have gone the extra mile for their neighbourhoods; one plaque for every census so far.

The plaques will be installed on the buildings which best represent the endeavours of an individual or group for their community – be it a hospital, a school, a library or a community’s sports hub.

Entries via https://census-2021-heroes.censuseducation.org.uk/

You have until 31st December 2020 to nominate your community’s unsung hero. Winners will be announced in March.