KFC Foundation Community Grants Programme

Deadline 28th February 2021

Funding is available to support grassroots organisations providing safe social spaces, mentoring, work, or social skills for young people aged 11 to 25 years old in the UK.

Grants are between £200 and £2,000.

The funding is intended for projects and activities which:

  • Benefit young people aged 11-25 years old.
  • Support those in a position of social disadvantage (i.e. care leavers, those experiencing homelessness, young carers, young parents, young people at risk of or with experience of the criminal justice system).
  • Provide spaces that allow young people to feel safe and secure, helping to unlock talent and build life skills, provide mentoring, and improve their chances of gaining meaningful employment.
  • Ultimately empower all young people to fulfil their potential and build a positive future.
  • Will demonstrate positive results within 12 months of the receipt of funding.

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Gilchrist Educational Trust – Grants to Organisations

Deadline 28th February 2021

Gilchrist Educational Trust offer modest grants are to British organisations if it seems likely that the project(s) for which funds are sought will fill educational gaps, or make more widely available a particular aspect of education or learning.  The project(s) may be in the U.K. or overseas.

The applicant should meet the following criteria:

  • The project should be capable of benefiting a number of people;
  • The funds sought will be used for a particular academic educational project, or for a specific purpose such as furniture or equipment, and not as an addition to the general funds of the applicant.  Funds are not available for social educational projects;
  • If the project is overseas, the application must come from an organisation in the U.K.;
  • The proposals should not duplicate work already being done by another organisation, or by this Trust.  
  • The organisation must be either registered as a company in the U.K. or registered as a Charity in the U.K.

 grants made in this category was from £500 to £4,000.

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Big Society Capital – Ideas for Impact

Deadline 1st March 2021

The development funding and related support is available to charities, social enterprises and fund managers with ideas for how social impact investment can have a transformative impact on a social issue.

The Ideas for Impact development fund has a total budget of £150,000. Successful applicants will receive development funding of between £15,000 and £30,000 (inclusive of VAT) for their project, depending on its stage of development.

Priority will be given to the following:

  • Social impact investment ideas with the greatest potential to have a transformative impact on a social issue at scale.
  • Ideas with potential for replication and scaling where a fund (or similar structure that can bring together a variety of investors and multiple enterprises) is part of the solution.
  • Charities and social enterprises who have already identified a fund manager to work with.

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Smart Energy GB in Communities Fund

The funding is available to organisations that can help engage people and communities across Britain with information about how to get and use smart meters. It is especially aimed at projects that can reach those who may face barriers to getting a smart meter.

There are currently two funding streams, each targeting a specific audience:

  • Grants for organisations reaching people who are offline. The total amount of funding requested should be between £15,000 and £25,000.
  • Grants for organisations reaching people on a low income. The total amount of funding requested should be between £7,500 and £10,000.

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Percy Bilton Charity

Rolling fund

Percy Bilton Charity offer to UK registered charities with primary objectives to assist one or more of the following groups: disadvantaged/underprivileged young people (persons under 25); people with disabilities (physical or learning disabilities or mental health problems); older people (aged over 60).

There are two grant programmes as follows:

  • Large grants – one off payments for capital expenditure of approximately £2,000 and over. The majority of grants fall within the range of £2,000 to £5,000.
  • Small grants – donations of up to £500.

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2021 Windrush Day Grant Scheme

Deadline 10th March 2021

The Windrush Day Grant Scheme provides funding to communities looking to celebrate, commemorate and educate about the Windrush Generation and their contribution. 

Grants are available from £2,500 and £25,000. Bidders seeking funding below £2,500 should contact their local authority to request inclusion in a larger bid.

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Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation

Deadline 5th February 2021

The Foundation supports projects that seek to influence values and attitudes, promote equity and social justice, and develop radical alternatives to current economic and social structures.

Grants are normally between £5,000 and £20,000 per year, for up to three years. 

What they Fund:

  • Peace and Sustainable Security: support work that addresses the underlying causes of violent conflict and the development of ways to prevent and resolve conflict
  • Environmental Sustainability: support work that addresses the pressures and conditions that contribute to global environmental breakdown.

Click here for the Polden-Puckham Charitable Foundation website.

Cameron Grant Memorial Trust for Innovation in Mental Health

Rolling Fund

Cameron Grants offers seed funding grants to UK based charities and other not-for-profit groups and organisations to trial new and innovative ways to support people in the UK who are suffering with poor mental health.

Grants are between £100 and £2,500.

The Trust’s charitable objects include:

  • Raising awareness of young suicide
  • Urging all who are suffering in silence to speak up and ask for help.
  • Supporting all who are fighting to overcome poor mental health, especially young people, and especially where this can be done through outdoor activities like hillwalking and Duke of Edinburgh’s Award
  • Assisting in the provision of education and support that will help to increase awareness and knowledge of the issues around mental health and well-being for all and especially amongst young people”

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Rolling fund

CRASH is the construction industry’s charity. It primarily assists homelessness charities and hospices with their construction projects by sourcing, on their behalf, pro-bono or discounted professional expertise and materials from its patron companies and others within the industry. It also awards cash grants which are provided through donations from the construction and property industry.

Assistance is offered in the following three ways:

  • Free-of-charge professional expertise, which could include architects, engineers, quantity surveyors or specialists who can advise on the replacement or repair of existing building components such as damp-proofing, roofs or heating systems.
  • Sourcing free-of-charge or discounted building materials.
  • Cash grants (no minimum or maximum grant levels are listed). Cash grants are only awarded when CRASH’s patron companies are also involved through providing professional expertise and materials.

Click here for the Crash website.

Youth Covid-19 Support Fund

Deadline 12th February 2021

The £16.5 million Youth Covid-19 Support Fund, which was announced in November 2020, is open to grassroots youth clubs, uniformed youth groups, and national youth and umbrella organisations, to help to mitigate the impact of lost income during the winter period due to the coronavirus pandemic, and ensure services providing vital support can remain open. 

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