Power to Change: Community Business Renewal Initiative

Power to Change has launched the Community Business Renewal Initiative, a package of support for community businesses, in response to the COVID-19 crisis.

Community Business Renewal Fund

The Community Business Renewal Fund provides grants to community businesses in England affected by the Covid-19 crisis to adapt, renew and rebuild their business so they can remain financially viable.

Powering Up!

We know that each community business is different, and will need a variety of support to rebuild and renew. After an informal session with a link worker, your community business will receive a tailored support package to increase your knowledge, assist with your wellbeing and equip you with the skills to boost your community business. Activities may include: peer-to-peer support, access to technical support and resources such as HR and digital, wellbeing support, depending on your needs. Powering Up opens for applications on Monday 16 November.

Community Business Crowdmatch

Community Business Crowdmatch helps communities to develop, test or grow your community business. The fund is designed to help you raise funds to cover key costs, help you build your network of supporters and provide match funding. Working with Crowdfunder, Power to Change will offer an investment, up to £10,000, to match the amount raised by your supporters. Crowdmatch opens for applications on Tuesday 17 November.

To find out more visit the Power to Change website here.

UK Youth Fund – Covid Relief

Deadline 25th November 2020

Grants are available for small organisations in England that support young people and have not had access to the crisis funding they require to survive the coronavirus/COVID-19 pandemic.

Funding of up to £50,000 available.

The grants can be used to cover costs such as the following:

  • Staff salaries.
  • Project running costs.
  • Running costs/overheads.
  • Goods and equipment which would not be capitalised (eg, to develop enhanced physical environment and allow organisations to continue to deliver services).
  • Organisational development.

Click here for the UK Youth Fund website.

Paul Hamlyn Re-opens UK Funds

“In April we created a £20 million Emergency Fund, through which we have made over 350 grants totalling £11 million to date, to help organisations cope with the Covid-19 pandemic. Last month we published our Strategy which affirmed the strategic direction for the Foundation, underpinned by a commitment to social justice. Today we are re-opening our UK Funds to new applications.

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Community Business Renewal Fund

A £3 million unrestricted grants programme, it is providing established community businesses in England the opportunity to assess, diversify and strengthen their operations to ensure they can navigate the constantly changing coronavirus landscape.

The Community Businesses Renewal Fund is being delivered by Social Investment Business (SIB) on behalf of Power to Change and is providing grants between £10,000 and £20,000.

The money is unrestricted and can be used to:

  • Meet the cost of staff at risk due to loss of trading income or end of Coronavirus Job Retention Scheme (furlough); 
  • Provide community business leaders with time to strengthen capacity, re-plan businesses, diversify income, pursue digital transformation and increase volunteers;   
  • Meet capital costs of adapting operations;
  • Increase diversity in the sector (among staff, volunteers, service users and leaders);   
  • Develop the future leaders of the community business sector; 
  • Support partnership working to influence local economic development strategic planning; and   
  • Enable community businesses providing jobs and training to prepare for rising unemployment.

The Community Business Renewal Fund will have three application rounds. Each round will have a short application window of just three hours as demand is expected to be high. Application guidance is available on the Power to Change website and applications need to be submitted during the following windows: 

Round One     3 November 2020                   10am – 1pm 

Round Two     12 January 2021                     10am – 1pm

Round Three   2 March 2021                          10am – 1pm

Click here for more information.

HMRC grant funding 2021 to 2024

Deadline 27th November 2020

HMRC are looking for voluntary and community sector (VCS) organisations to help customers to form or rebuild a relationship with HMRC that enables them to engage directly with them in the future.

They’re invite bids for funding of between £20,000 and £750,000 per year, with a maximum threshold set at 50% of your organisation’s turnover (last audited accounts).

Bids should include one or more of the following activities:

  • advice and support
  • digital inclusion
  • specialist support and referrals

Click here for the HMRC website.

Asda Foundation: Feeding Communities Grant

Deadline 6th December 2020

Feeding Communities Grant has been designed to help provide meals to anyone in need in the lead up to Christmas.

ASDA welcome applications from groups which:
• Benefits their local community
• Are local to an Asda store
• Unites communities with activities and support
• Ensures everyone has an equal opportunity to become involved

Maximum £1,000 per grant.

Examples of funding:

  • Food parcel for a family/individual
  • Christmas Hamper (food only)
  • School Holiday Clubs (food only)
  • Soup kitchen/homeless centre (food only)
  • Christmas meal deliver or collection
  • Local Community Centre providing meal deliveries

Click here for further information.

Increasing Access Fund

Deadline 16th November 2020

The fund is targeted to support organisations to develop new services that respond to the Covid-19 situation, or to adapt existing services to meet local and national needs. The Fund is aimed specifically at ensuring or increasing access to key services and activities for beneficiaries who have struggled with access due to Covid-19.

The value of the Fund is £1.4million, which we will give to organisations nationally working within our key domains:

  • Healthcare Innovation – Organisations in the fields of disability, medical research, mental health and those supporting individuals with long-term health conditions.
  • Community – Organisations working with young people, especially those considered disadvantaged, delivering support to those disproportionately affected by Covid-19 and/or those working to support isolated older people.
  • Environment – Organisations working in the area of horticulture and conservation which have been significantly financially impacted by the closure of venues.
  • Arts – Organisations working in the area of arts, health and well-being where services and programmes are being adapted to benefit communities impacted by Covid-19.

There are three funding strands (please note you can only make one application to the Foundation for funding).

1. Digital Healthcare Breakthrough Grants

2. Digital Good Causes Grants

3. Adapted Good Causes Grants

Click here for the funders website.

The Global Majority Fund

Deadline 30th November 2020 Midday

The grants are for new intermediary technical partners with the ability, expertise, networks and knowledge to distribute rapid funding to further Covid-19 response work with communities experiencing racial inequality in the UK.

grants of between £150,000 and £250,000 are available who have an annual income of at least £75,000 .

There is particular interest in prospective partners that can reach grassroots organisations who work with communities identified as ‘higher risk’, due to intersecting issues that sharpen the direct and indirect effects of the pandemic such as:

  • Domestic abuse.
  • Poor or worsening mental or physical health.
  • Interrupted or limited access to advice and services.
  • Homelessness and insecure shelter.
  • The increasingly hostile environment faced by migrants, undocumented groups, people seeking asylum and refugees.
  • Communities with no recourse to public funds.

This list is not exhaustive.

Click here for The Global Majority Fund website.

Henry Moore Foundation

Deadline 9th December 2020

Henry Moore Foundation supports sculpture across historical, modern and contemporary registers, seeking to fund research that expands the appreciation of sculpture.

The Foundation offers funding in the following categories:

  • New Projects and Commissions – the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
  • Acquisitions and Collections – the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
  • Research and Development:
    • Long-term Research – (organisations only) the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
    • Research and Travel Grants – (individual academics, curators and scholars) the maximum grant is £2,500.
  • Conferences, Lectures and Publications – the maximum grant is £5,000.

Click here for Henry Moore Foundation website.

The NFU Mutual Community Giving Fund (CGF)

Deadline 1st December 2020

The aim of the Fund is to show support for community events, charities, schools, and community group activities that are local to NFU Mutual’s business operations across the UK.

The Fund’s main areas of interest are:

  • Connecting the community; reducing social isolation, providing opportunities, and encouraging resilience.
  • Providing care and support to vulnerable members of the community.
  • Relieving poverty; improving the health and wellbeing of communities.
  • Advancing education and experiences for young people.

Grants of up to £1,000 are available.

Click here for the NFU website