NHS Unified Tech Fund

A £680 million funding package is available to NHS organisations and health care partnerships across England to support technology projects.

The funds aim to:

  • Level up the digital maturity of NHS trusts and consortia
  • Ensure a basic shared care record is in place within all Integrated Care Systems (ICSs)
  • Level up cyber security capabilities, address key infrastructure and other specific weaknesses, with continued provision of back-up reviews
  • Scale what we know works to improve productivity throughout health and care
  • Support the digitisation of the pharmacy, optometry, dentistry, ambulance and community services sectors, and improve interoperability
  • Increase system capacity and resilience of diagnostic services. Improve safety and experience for patients and staff through digital capability and reduce manual processes
  • Improve outcomes for women and their children and also to improve safety of clinical care.

Value Notes

A total of £680 million is available across eight funding schemes:

  • Frontline digitisation – £308 million (Capital funding of £263 million and revenue funding of £45 million)
  • Shared care records – Capital funding of £50 million
  • Cyber security infrastructure fund – Capital funding of £27 million
  • Digital productivity – Capital funding of £4 million
  • Digital pharmacy, optometry, dental, ambulance and community (PODAC) – £6 million (Capital funding of £2.5 million and revenue funding of £500,000 for the ambulance sector. Capital funding of £2.5 million and revenue funding of £500,000 for the community sector)
  • Diagnostics – Capital funding of £235 million
  • Digital maternity – Combined capital and revenue funding of £50 million
  • Digital child health – TBC.

Each fund has its own application deadline:

  • Frontline digitisation – 15 October 2021
  • Shared care records – 22 March 2022
  • Cyber security infrastructure fund – 23 December 2021
  • Digital productivity – 30 November 2021
  • Digital pharmacy, optometry, dental, ambulance and community (PODAC) – 7 October 2021
  • Diagnostics – 23 December 2021
  • Digital maternity – Not currently open. Will open to bids on 18 October 2021
  • Digital child health – Not currently open. Will open to bids on 18 October 2021.

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Loneliness Engagement Fund

Deadline 13th October 2021

The Loneliness Engagement Fund provides small grants between £15,000 and £50,000 to organisations who can engage with target groups at high risk of loneliness. The fund will give out up to £260,000 of grants in total.

Department for Digital, Culture, Media & Sport will fund charities or benevolent and philanthropic organisations who have a track record of delivering effective communications and engagement activity at a national level; and who have a proven reach and track record of engaging with one or more of the target groups:

  • young people aged 16-24
  • people with diagnosed mental health conditions
  • people living alone
  • people from lower income households
  • unemployed people
  • disabled people

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Win £1,000 for your Village Hall

Deadline 21st November 2021

The Village Hall Podcast are running a ‘Wonderful Villages Photo Competition’ for an opportunity to win multiple cash prizes for budding photographers and their nominated village halls. The theme is Britain’s ‘Wonderful Villages’.

1st Prize – £1,000 for your village hall and £500 for the photographer
2nd prize – £500 for your village hall and £250 for the photographer
3rd prize – £250 for your village hall and £125 for the photographer
4th prize – £100 for your village hall and £50 for the photographer
5th prize – £50 for your village hall and £25 for the photographer

Any photo taken in the UK that captures a sense of village life and community spirit is eligible.

View the flyer here 


Faith New Deal Pilot Fund

Deadline 7th October 2021

The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund is a new, competitive grant programme to help support faith-based organisations to use their resources effectively within their community and to build trust between national government, local government and faith groups.

The £1 million Faith New Deal Pilot Fund will focus on strengthening engagement between national government, local government and faith groups.

The Faith New Deal Pilot fund will provide up to £975,000 for faith groups to apply for to work in partnership with local public services and philanthropists.

The Faith New Deal Pilot Fund applicants must demonstrate how they will meet all the following strategic objectives:

  • Provide evidence/proof that faith groups, working in partnership, can play a significant and effective role in supporting community cohesion by solving local problems;
  • Develop learning and best practice about what support faith organisations and communities need to develop effective partnership working with local public services to deliver support for their local communities
  • To inform a Faith Compact, a set of principles for local and national government to work in partnership with faith groups and communities

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Black & Minoritised Women’s Fund

Deadline 3pm – 1st October 2021.

Women’s Resource Centre (WRC) is a national charity committed to working towards human-rights by supporting and understanding small specialist women’s groups and charities. Through delivering programmes, creating networking opportunities and by campaigning and influencing decision-makers, the work that WRC does is essential to ensure a diverse and thriving sector that achieves the best outcomes for women.

The grants can be used for work that supports Black and minoritised women and girls to deal with the impact of COVID-19. Unrestricted costs.  Grants are made towards the general running costs of your organisation, most often referred to as Core Costs.

Applications are for £10,000.

Click here for the Women’s Resource Centre website.

The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund

The Prince of Wales Charitable Fund (PWCF) considers small grant applications from UK registered non-profit organisations supporting grassroots projects in diverse and deprived communities. The small grants programme awards single or multi-year grants to a maximum value of £5,000. The average award is £1,500.

The current funding themes are:

  • Heritage & Conservation
  • Education
  • Health & Wellbeing
  • social Inclusion
  • Enviroment
  • Countryside

Click here for the PWCF website.

Wolfson Foundation

Deadline 5th January 2022

The Foundation aims to support excellence in the UK, generally through the funding of capital infrastructure in the fields of science and medicine, arts and humanities, education, and health and disability.

The following match funding criteria applies:

  • Arts and humanities, science and medicine or health and disability programmes – the Foundation generally requires that at least 25% of the capital costs of the project are raised before submission (unless the project cost is under £50,000).
  • Schools/education programme – where the total cost of the project is above £1 million, 25% match funding is required; if the total project cost is between £50,000 and £1 million, some match funds are required; and if the total project cost is below £50,000, no match funding is required.

The Foundation accepts applications from the following types of organisation:

  • Charities working with disability.
  • Charities working in mental health.
  • Charities working with older people.
  • Historic buildings & landscapes.
  • Hospices & palliative care organisations.
  • Places of worship.
  • Libraries & archives.
  • Museums & galleries.
  • Performing arts organisations.
  • Public engagement with science organisations.
  • Secondary schools & sixth form colleges.
  • Special needs schools & colleges.
  • Universities & research institutions.

For more information go to the website


Deadline 5pm on Monday 20th September 2021

The GSK IMPACT Awards are an annual programme, funded by GSK as part of the company’s commitment to promote community health and wellbeing.

The awards have been running since 1997, and are organised and managed in partnership with The King’s Fund, a leading independent health charity working to improve health and social care. The GSK IMPACT Awards recognise and reward charities that are doing excellent work to improve people’s health and wellbeing.

The GSK Grow Programme is open to registered charities that are at least a year old, working in a health-related field in the UK, with a total annual income of between £20,000 and £120,000. Up to 10 charities will receive £10,000 in unrestricted funding plus training and development valued at £3,200. Up to five runner-up charities will receive £1,000.

To find out more, please visit The King’s Fund website here.

The Living Kidney Transplant Scheme

Deadline 12th September 2021

The scheme will fund community and faith and beliefs organisations to positively engage Black, Asian, Mixed Race and minority ethnic communities in living kidney donation as most religions support living donation viewing it as a gift to a loved one.

The new Living Kidney Transplant Scheme aims to:

  • Increase awareness and relevance of living donation across Black and South Asian communities
  • Increase the diversity of prospective living donors
  • Increase the number of non directed living donors
  • Enable more patients to receive the best matched kidney

The total funding budget is £100,000.

  • Projects £7,499 and under
  • Projects £7,500 – £15,000

Click here for the NHS website.

Henry Moore Foundation

Deadline 9th December 2021

Henry Moore Foundation supports sculpture across historical, modern and contemporary registers, seeking to fund research that expands the appreciation of sculpture.

The Foundation offers funding in the following categories:

  • New Projects and Commissions – the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
  • Acquisitions and Collections – the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
  • Research and Development:
    • Long-term Research – (organisations only) the maximum grant is £20,000 but most grants are for less.
    • Research and Travel Grants – (individual academics, curators and scholars) the maximum grant is £2,500.
  • Conferences, Lectures and Publications – the maximum grant is £5,000.

Click here for Henry Moore Foundation website.