Home Office – Support for Victims and Survivors of Child Sexual Abuse Fund 2022/25

Deadline 25th July 2022

The funding is for proposed services and activities that directly support victims and survivors of child sexual abuse at a national level in England and Wales and take place over a three-year period.

This can be either or all of the following:

  • Children who have experienced sexual abuse.
  • Adult survivors of sexual abuse during childhood.
  • Non-abusing parents, carers and family members of children who have experienced abuse.
  • Family members of adult survivors of child sexual abuse.

The total budget for this fund is £4.5 million with £1.5 million available in 2022/23, 2023/24 and 2024/25. The minimum grant is £1,000.

click here for the funders information.

Community Partnering Fund

Deadline 2nd August 2022

The Fund is intended to support local community groups to deliver sustainable initiatives to educate and support their communities, providing long-term solutions to current problems. The majority of beneficiaries should be located in specified areas. Proposals to help those less likely to access support or those who are vulnerable are encouraged.

Projects should address at least one of the following objectives:

  • Alleviating hardship associated with fuel poverty and promoting innovative energy-related environmental impact, energy efficiency or carbon reduction.
  • Support community groups with crisis planning.
  • Encouraging interest, develop learning pathways and support in STEM subjects and related career opportunities.
  • Promoting use of the Priority Services Register (a free service provided by network operators and suppliers to customers in vulnerable circumstances within communities).
  • Support communities to lower their carbon footprint.

Grants between £1,000 and £10,000 are available for one year or up to £20,000 for two years. Small, unincorporated and unregistered groups may apply for grants up to £5,000.

Click here for the Leeds Community Foundation website.

Toy Trust

Toy Trust funds registered charities undertaking projects to support disadvantaged and disabled children who are under 13 years of age within the UK and abroad. The fund intends to:

  •  Alleviate suffering
  •  Support children through awful experiences
  •  Encourage achievement through adversity
  •  Purchase vital equipment
  •  Provide care
  •  Bolster existing initiatives
  •  Initiate brand new projects
  •  Satisfy basic needs

Grants for less than £5,000 are considered. However, the Trust may make larger and longer commitment for special projects.

Projects should:

  • Show real benefit for relieving hardship and suffering to beneficiaries.
  • Run for a minimum of one full year.
  • Be in support of children and projects regardless of faith, sex or disability.

For further information, please visit the Toy Trust website here.

Power to Change – Powering Up

Opening 4th July 2022

Tailored support packages are available to support community businesses in England in the areas of digital growth, environmental sustainability, and financial resilience, with a cross cutting theme of equity, diversity and inclusion.

The second round, which opens on 4 July 2022, will focus on community businesses that are looking to deliver changes within their business to:

  • Help address the climate crisis and/or
  • Improve their use of digital to better serve their communities.

Click here for the Power to Change website.

Matthew Good Foundation Grants for Good Fund

Every three months, the Foundation will share £10,000 between 5 shortlisted projects that have a positive impact on communities, people or the environment.

Your application must be on behalf of a local community group, charity, voluntary group or social enterprise that has a positive impact on communities, people or the environment and has an average income of less than £50,000 in the last 12 months.

To stay true to their ethos of donating funds to causes close to the hearts of members, every three months, five shortlisted projects will be voted for by John Good Group employees. These five charities will all receive a share of £10,000 – the more votes a cause receives, the bigger the donation. Following the vote, the project that receives the most votes will receive a grant of  £3,500, second place £2,500, third place £2,000 and fourth and fifth place will both receive £1,000.

For more information go to the Foundation’s website

OVO Foundation – Climate Changers Fund

Deadline 22nd July 2022

Grants are available to not-for-profit groups in the UK for projects which equip less advantaged children and young people with the skills to take action on sustainability issues and improve access to green spaces.

There is a total funding pot of around £1 million. It is expected that up to three projects will be funded for up to three years, with lower levels of funding for early-stage ideas and up to £350,000 for more established projects.

Funding is intended to help meet the two goals of the Foundation:

  • Equip less advantaged children and young people with improved skills, knowledge, and confidence to take action on sustainability issues and contribute to building sustainable communities.
  • Ensure less advantaged children and young people live in a sustainable community with increased access to green spaces and opportunities.

Click here for the OVO Foundation website.

Blagrave Charitable Trust – The Listening Fund’s Advisers’ Fund

Deadline 28th July 2022

Grants are available to youth-focused not-for-profit groups for projects which help disadvantaged young people in positions of leadership across England.

Grants of up to £40,000 are available over up to two years.

Funding is intended to:

  • Support young people and organisations to work together to re-examine what skills, qualities and experiences are valued in leadership roles, to challenge conceptions of who can be a leader.
  • Explore different leadership models and structures and strengthen organisations by including young people’s experiences and expertise.
  • Build a pipeline of opportunities which gives young people access to leadership roles.

Click here for the Belgrave Charitable Trust website.

Volant Charitable Trust – COVID-19 Response Fund

Deadline 31st July 2022

Funding is available to UK charities that demonstrate a strong focus on alleviating social deprivation and helping vulnerable groups who have been affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

The organisation must demonstrate how it is directly involved with the alleviation of social deprivation and how it will support vulnerable groups affected by the coronavirus pandemic.

To be eligible, applicants must:

  • Be constituted (have a governing document).
  • Have a bank account in the name of the group with at least two unrelated signatories.
  • Have at least three unrelated members on their management committee.
  • Have committee meetings with a quorum of at least three unrelated members present.
  • Be at least two unrelated cheque signatories.

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Hamish Ogston Foundation

The Foundation seeks to support projects that promote long-term sustainability, maximum financial impact, and measurable social outcomes. Successful applicants can expect a minimum investment of £1.5 million and close cooperation with the Foundation over a number of years.

Funding will support projects and activities that focus on the following areas:

  • Heritage – Protecting the heritage of important sites across the UK and preserving structures, their craftsmanship, and their traditions.
  • Music – Promoting the UK’s choral and organ traditions, including related initiatives and apprenticeships, to preserve their knowledge and culture.
  • Health – Working towards eliminating the disparities in both access to medical treatment and health awareness amongst the most disadvantaged sections of society.

Click here for the funders website.

Motability – Research Grants

Grants are available for not-for-profit groups to undertake research to help better understand the problems that disabled people face in the transport system and to how they can be solved.

Funding is intended to support Motability’s key outcomes of:

  • Access – Increased ability to access people and places using transport.
  • Choice and control – Improved independence and control to make decisions.
  • Connect – increased social connections and relationships.
  • Education – increased ability to access education.
  • Work – increased ability to work and pursue a career.
  • Wellbeing – Improved sense of health and wellbeing.

Grants of £50,000 to £1 million are available. They can be split over one, two or three years.

Click here for the funders website.